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New Splinter Cell Story

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Tuesday 11.04.08
Exclusive New Splinter Cell Story
We're proud to present a series of short stories bridging the tales of the shadow stars of Splinter Cell, the Hawx squadron, Rainbow Six and the Ghosts to 2020 and EndWar. These stories offer a glimpse at the roots of the Clancy pack unlockable units available through the VIP content section of EndWar. We'll be presenting one story a day at for the rest of the week.

Read the Splinter Cell Story here.

Thursday 07.31.08
With the Sound of Your Voice Lives Will Be Sacrificed to Secure Objectives and Achieve Victory
Check out the EndWar website for a special voice command experience and unlock a few goodies while youâ??re at it. This is a limited time offer so act fast!
Monday 03.10.08
Old School Contest Winners Announced!
The winners for the contest to prove you're an old school Splinter Cell fan have been announced! Congratulations to SC-Mroj for first place (check out his Splinter Cell rap!), bahaffamot for second place, and jasiek.rolnik for third place. The winners will be receiving some great swag from the classic Splinter Cell games.

Meet the winners!
Wednesday 02.27.08
Splinter Cell Contest Has Ended!
The community contest to prove you're an old school Splinter Cell fan has come to a close. Check back soon to find out who won!
Tuesday 01.29.08
Community Contest - Are You an Old School Fan?
Are you an old school Splinter Cell fan? If so, you're in luck! We're giving fans a chance to show us what an old school Splinter Cell fan you are, and we're giving away some cool classic Splinter Cell swag to the winners! For more details make sure to read this thread in the forums for the official rules and submissions. Good luck!

Find Out More and Enter
Thursday 10.04.07
Splinter Cell Writing Contest forum moderator Jackie Fiest is hosting a haiku writing contest in which three winners will recive a free copy of the upcoming Splinter Cell novel Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Fallout, autographed by the author, David Michaels. For details on how to enter, click here.

Enter the Contest
Tuesday 07.31.07
Upcoming Interview with David Michaels forum moderator Jackie Fiest will be conducting an interview with David Michaels, the author of the best selling Splinter Cell novel series, about the next novel in the series, "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Fallout.".

Want to submit a question for the author about his new book? Check out this thread in the Conviction forums for the details.

This interview will be posted to The Fairer Sects at the end of August.
Tuesday 06.19.07
Frag Doll Interview with Mathieu Ferland
Game Invasion has published a new interview from Jinx of the Frag Dolls with Mathieu Ferland, senior producer for Splinter Cell Conviction, from UbiDays. In the interview Mathieu gives the inside scoop on the hows and whys of the new direction Splinter Cell takes stealth in this newest installment of the series.

Click here to watch
Monday 05.21.07
Welcome to the New Conviction Site
Welcome to the new Splinter Cell Conviction website! Keep your eyes here for all the latest information on Sam Fisher's new experience, as well as videos, downloads, and more.
Saturday 05.19.07
Conviction on IGN
IGN is giving fans an exclusive glimpse into Splinter Cell Conviction. This is Splinter Cell as you've never seen it before. Want to learn more? Read the article.

"With a new role as fugitive rather than special operative, Sam Fisher will drop his black suit and gadgets in favor of a more civilian appearance. After all, Sam Fisher creeping through the center of Washington D.C. in a black bodysuit carrying a multipurpose gun wouldn't exactly blend in as a fugitive would need to."
Wednesday 05.16.07
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