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Teil zwei

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von am 14.11.2008 um 14:06 (174 Hits)
youth crime (jugend kriminalität) was on the rise(anstigend). The government of the time then tried to get these books BANNED (verboten). It did not work as the Right to free speech(ha ha that is another story!!!), protected (schütz) the books,and they stayed best sellers. These books were to blame not the government!.
Now the late 1970´s early 1980´s. Video Recorders were the new way to watch Films. Youth Crime was on the rise, what is the problem now said the Government. It is Video and the so called (genannt) `Video Nasties`(scheußlich Videos). These had scenes of violence(gewalt), loads of blood(blut orgien), maybe sex scenes etc.(u.s.w.) Not good for people, so the government forbade loads of these films because they were the problem, the Government and family was not to blame it was the films!!! Youth crime still increased.
Today we have moved on and witches are okay, the `Dime Books` would be laughed at, at how they portray (schildern) people and Videos that were banned are now available(verfügbar).
None of these things had any big change to the criminal rates ( Kriminalitätsrate), and were the people better when these things were not allowed.
Today we have the Ego-Shooter as the problem. New entertainment, new things need too be forbidden, as they hold the key to the increase in violent crime? Can a game turn someone from a nice person (ein nette mensch) to a killing machine.
It always saves the government a problem on how to deal with today´s crime by blaming something else, and not seeing that there are deeper issues(tiefer probleme) than a computer game.
When a new entertainment is here what will the government ban.

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  1. Avatar von balthier9999
    Jopp. Es gibt immer Schuldige, früher Comics, dann Filme, jetzt Spiele...
    Statt lieber das "Kriminalitäts-Problem" an der Wurzel zu packen (Armut verringern, Slums vermeiden etc.), verbieten man lieber Spiele, Alkohol etc. Totaler Schwachsinn^^

    PS: Vieles hättest du gar nicht übersetzen brauchen... violence, crime available... is alles schulenglisch bei uns