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Worms 2: Armageddon - Released July 1st, 2009! 800MSP.
Today at 1:35pm
Light up the midsummer sky as WORMS 2: ARMAGEDDON hits Xbox Live Arcade!

WORMS™ has been one of the most successful and consistent Xbox Live titles since it’s launch in March 2007 and now it’s back, bigger and better than ever for this stunning and feature packed new edition.

Worms 2: Armageddon builds upon the fine heritage of the cult 1999 hit ‘Worms Armageddon’ by massively extending the feature set of the original, award-winning WORMS and including the majority of the cult WORMS ARMAGEDDON feature set as well as a raft of exciting new weapons and game content, modes and extensions (many of which featured in the highly rated ‘Open Warfare 2’ editions)

Offering hundreds of hours of replay value, engaging single player campaign, tons of player customisation, laugh-out-loud multiplayer escapades and leaderboard challenges, Worms 2: Armageddon should prove even more popular than the original WORMS for Live Arcade!
Team17 listened hard to the fans response and have delivered in spades, with cult weapons returning, amazing new weapons, incredible customisation of Worms teams (including around 60 voice sets, hats and more), tons of game options, totally new physics & more dynamic play, persistent fire and much, much more.

• Sentry Gun! Defend your position with this deadly guardian.
• Electro Magnet! Attract or repel deadly metallic explosives with this unique item.
• Bunker Buster! Use this vertical missile to dig out enemy Worms that have snuck away!
• Buffalo Of Lies! The Donkey’s nemesis, this Trojan Buffalo will cause havoc!
• Super Bunker Buster! Devastating below ground charge!

• Super Sheep! Take your fluffy flocking friend to the air! A controllable, flying super sheep!
• Holy Hand Grenade! Hallelujah! The Deity’s weapon of choice!
• Concrete Donkey! It’s back! As mad and wildly destructive as ever!
• Napalm! Love the smell of burning Worms in the morning?
• Petrol Bomb! This cocktail packs a mighty roasting for enemies. Lob one today.
• Armageddon! Not quite the end as we know it, but it could be for your enemies!
• Parachute! A roper’s best friend! Drop huge heights with wind assist…
• Drill! Dig to victory with the pneumatic drill.
• Baseball Bat. Whack out enemy Worms for a home run cheer!
• Earthquake! Can you rumble the opponent?
• Poison Strike! Germ warfare!

• All new high definition, widescreen artwork
• Reworked audio-visuals throughout
• Fire! Persistent fire eats and burns away the landscape. Hot stuff.
• Crazy Crates! Start with basic weapons and shop as you go!
• Fort Mode! Start teams on your own bases.
• Rope Racing mode.
• Massively enhanced & improved game physics & reactions.
• Speedier, more direct gameplay.
• All new high-definition audio (sound effects, music)
• Speak your mind! Massive variety of comedy voice sets with many all new.
• All new crazy achievements.
• All new extensive customisation, Worm Hats, voices, graves, dances, colours, forts!
• Uses NXE Avatars to reflect game status in game!
• All new Single Player adventure combines death matches and puzzles.
• Win tokens in the all-new 30 chapter single player campaign to win prizes in the game SHOP, unlock new landscapes, voices, hats and more.
• Enhanced CPU AI for more challenging single player games.
• Improved online handling, including host migration for network play.
• All new leaderboards and leaderboard objectives.

• 5 all new landscapes graphical types modelled on the original Armageddon style. Battle in Medieval England, Cheese Moon, Construction site and more.
• 130 base landscape styles (compared to just six on original) for diverse play levels.
• Vertical Levels! Play on tall, narrow strips or caverns as well as traditional ‘wide’ levels.
• Mix combinations of landscape type, style, your own game rules and more to create thousands of possible levels and hundreds, if not thousands of hours of replay value.

WORMS 2: ARMAGEDDON launches on Wednesday 1st of July, at an amazing value of 800 MSP.

About Team17
Team17 are an independent UK developer-publisher based in Yorkshire, UK, which was founded in 1990. This northern UK studio has a fine history of entertaining titles and its portfolio includes Worms™, Alien Breed, Superfrog, Body Blows and others. Alongside Worms™, two new IP’s are in development and its fantastic, reworked IP, “Alien Breed Evolution” will hit Xbox Live later in 2009.

About Worms™
A phenomenal success on practically every platform launched, this title continues to delight and amuse players globally. The Xbox Live Arcade edition, released March 2007 has spent most of it’s time in the weekly sales top-10 and has gone on to be one of the biggest successes on the Live platform. The spectacular new edition of Worms 2: Armageddon, is initially exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

Klingt nach dem dicksten Worms ever. Bin ja mal gespannt.
Muss ich mir aufjedenfall kaufen. Dass heist, ich muss mir 2100 Points holen. 800 Für Worms und 1200 für das neue BF 1943
Heute gedownloaded und ich muss sagen: Man dieses Teil ist genial! Ich denke ich mach ein Review.
Ist es wie damals auf dem PC? Dann ist es gekauft!