OneDrive + Xbox Musik angekündigt: Die eigene Musik auf allen Windows und Xbox Geräten abspielen


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OneDrive + Xbox Music angekündigt: Die eigene Musik auf allen Windows und Xbox Geräten abspielen

Who can add their music to OneDrive?
Anyone with a Microsoft account in select regions* can add music to OneDrive and play it on Xbox Music. To use this feature, make sure you’ve accepted the Xbox Terms of Use by signing in to

Do I need a music pass subscription to play music from OneDrive?
No. You don’t need a music pass subscription to play your music from OneDrive, it’s free!

How do I add my music to OneDrive?
The easiest way to upload is with the OneDrive app. Just add your favorite files to your Music folder, and they'll appear in your Xbox Music Collection shortly after.

What file formats are supported?
You can add music files in MP3, M4A (AAC), and WMA formats.

Which devices can I use to playback OneDrive content?
You can play OneDrive music on the following devices:
- Windows 8.1 computer or tablet
- Windows Phone 8.1 (using the Music app)
- Xbox One or Xbox 360 console
- Through a web browser on the Xbox Music website

- This OneDrive functionality is not available on Windows 8. You’ll have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get the latest version of the Music app from the Store.
- iOS and Android devices are not supported. If you have an Xbox Music Pass and use iOS or Android, OneDrive content will not show up. (This won’t interfere with playing music through your other devices).

Can I add OneDrive content in playlists?
Yes. OneDrive content can be added to playlists.

Can I download music from OneDrive?
Yes. You can make the music from OneDrive available offline on your Windows 8.1 phone, PC or tablet. You can also download music files directly from your Music folder on OneDrive.

How can I stop my music on OneDrive from appearing in my Xbox Music collection?
Only songs in your Music folder on OneDrive are added to your collection. All music on OneDrive saved in a different folder location will not be added to your Xbox Music collection.

Will I get extra storage space to save my music to OneDrive?
If you are a Music Pass subscriber, you'll get 100 GB of additional storage in OneDrive to save all the music you love.

Is there a limit to the number of files that will surface in my collection?
You can currently add up to 50,000 songs to your collection.

What happens when I remove OneDrive songs from my Xbox Music collection?
Removing OneDrive songs from your collection will also delete the files on OneDrive. The files will be moved to your OneDrive recycle bin.

How can I see OneDrive content on my Windows Phone?
Make sure you’ve accepted the Xbox Terms of Use by signing in to, then open the Music app on your Windows Phone. Your OneDrive songs should be listed in your collection shortly after.

Nur zur Info: Aktuell kann man die Xbox Music App auf der One nur andocken. Die Funktion für das Abspielen von Musik im Hintergrund kommt mit Windows 10 im Sommer.
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